Rooster Sh!t Bingo

Why Rooster Sh!t Bingo?

If you’ve ever been to our hometown of Austin, TX, you might have heard of Chicken Sh!t Bingo. This decades-long tradition brings together hundreds of Sunday brunchers to eat, drink, and root for a chicken to poop on their bingo square. As a purveyor of real good times, we bring you our digital take on this Austin staple. Grab some friends (or don’t) and enjoy!

How to Play

  1. Board auto-populates the squares, each with its own activity (ex: video chat a friend, make up a new cocktail using RGV, etc.).
  2. Click “Release the Rooster” to start playing! The rooster will come out and hop around randomly for a few seconds before finding the perfect spot to drop a little present, crowing loudly when he does.
  3. The rooster will disappear, and the splat he leaves behind will determine the activity the individual or group must do.
  4. Click “Release the Rooster” again to play the next round. The rooster will come back and do his thing again.
  5. Keep playing as long as you want!
  6. Click “Reset” anytime to start again from (rooster) scratch.
  7. **Soon you’ll be able to share the board to social media..


Social! Cheers your friends or drink to your "me time!"


Social! Cheers your friends or drink to your "me time!"


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Social! Cheers your friends or drink to your "me time!"

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Social! Cheers your friends or drink to your "me time!"

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